"But whats the point" someone asked me when I told them I was earning close to zero on this project. I replied with: "The point is, what all of this is about, creation." Sure, everyone needs to survive and earn their living. But let us not forget why we are in this... We are in this because we become restless if it wasn't for the purpose of creating film. Add to that a music artist with an honest and clear message, and only good can come from it. Gratitude once again to my crew of killers who all share my vision and believes, I love you guys.



As part of re-claiming my own peace of mind I decided to do more personal work in '19. The Alibi video for Tsar-B is one of those first steps. I'm super grateful to the whole team for having my back on this one. Its starting to sound like a broken record, but, when you find your team, cherish it. 



I feel very blessed to have been able to bring back my team on this one. Most of them are my very best friends in life, and its so cool to see how these people are able to almost exactly make my ideas materialise into a film. Even if its a tv commercial, even if it looks "ordinary" to you. I put up some challenges for my guys and myself, and we pulled it off. Everything you see in this commercial has been built on set. Stoked!



Los Angeles

I was invited by Lockwood Antwerp to direct an editorial film for their Europe exclusive collaboration with VANS. We went in hard for 9 days, cruising and skating LA. Great times with a skelet crew of great minds. Thanks for having me!


Brussels, Belgium.

We shot this film documentary style on a skelet crew. Even though the budget was challenging, we had a great time and production took care of us in a great way. Thank you girls! You know who you are... 

Having a big crew and a lot of resources sure helps, but it doesn't make you a better... Anything on set. In order to progress, these type of small projects are the trenches everyone has to have spent some time in. 

Balance between big and small is key. But let us, as an industry, always remember big brands and clients aren't always dressed for trenches...

GoneWest 2017


It is always great when you are able to gather your best friends and create a film. This time I was fortunate to be able to do just that. Mix that in with the right sunrise and two very talented artists in front of the lens and you get a tiny bit of that movie magic. Thanks for joining me on this one, this one got me hyped for more! 



Willy Crank traveled to Barcelona for Belgian based Wenneker to shoot the new Summer 2017 TVC for Belgian radio station Q-Music.

Willy Crank 2016 director's reel


After a tough selection I'd like to present you with the cream of my 2016 crops. My sincere gratitude to all the producers, agencies, crew and cast members that I have worked with. 

I appreciate all of the great efforts you have put into creating these films. That sounds cheesy as fuck but it is the truth. As we know in our line of work: Truth can be held in the shadows, but it will always seek the light. So let us spend a future, creating great films, together...

Cheers! Willy.

ISHA - Tony Hawk


The latest addition to Willy Crank and Brussels based hiphop artist ISHA 's momentum gaining collaboration just hit the web. 'Tony Hawk' is a single release anticipating the release of the artist's EP called 'La Vie Augmente'. A film short carrying the same title will be released early next year.

Woodie Smalls - Lucky Strike


Have a look at Belgian hiphop artist, Woodie Smalls's latest music video for the track "Lucky Strike." It was directed by Willy Crank and shot by Hyun De Grande. Belgian topmodel Caroline Becu is seen enchanting a defenceless Woodie while they switch between reality and dreams.

AFENDS x Fries Taillieu


Willy Crank was invited by Australian clothing brand Afends to spend a few days cruising Belgium with his best friend Fries. Goal of the project was to create a welcome video which needed to double as a editorial with realistic and organic feel.



About half a year ago Evans & Crank set out to shoot the first out of four web commercials for a new sports nutrition brand called HIDDIT. Which stands for "How I Did It" Antwerp based Geronimo took care of production. World Hockey Player of the year 2014, Ellen Hoog, took part in this first release.


Germany - Berlin

Berlin based BLAMstudio invited Willy to shoot their latest Mission Workshop branded content video... 

A tight schedule and good times don't often mix but this time they sure did. Enjoy! 




We took some time to re-grade the KOMRADS SS13 web commercial Willy Crank shot & directed together with Antwerp based creative Tom Aerts

Also worth mentioning is Belgian master musician Tim Vanhamel provided the tunes for this quicky.



Enjoy the latest music video by Belgian hiphop avantgardist BRINGHIM. Evans & Crank were called upon to direct this black & white studio piece. 

Ghent based LINEAIR Films took care of production. Have a look at the video on the projects page above.


Spain - Barcelona

Willy and his best friend Fries Taillieu recently went on a filming mission in Barcelona for Globe shoes. The results are going to be out in a few months.



Antwerp based musician Nightman asked Evans & Crank to direct part 3 of 12 of his 'The Becoming Of Nightman' EP / video project. Geronimo took care of the production.



Evans & Crank were at it again for Antwerp based production company Landvogel. Directing a commercial for a Dutch bank service called 'MONEYOU'



We had a great time shooting an editorial film for a new brand emerging out of Antwerp, DCEMBER bags.



I've spent a lovely day with Jocelyn Tam from the 'Skate Create Unknown' project. Read the full interview here

photos by Jocelyn Tam.



Following the release of Ghost Beach we bring you a few images taken during the shooting of the film.

"I only have two hands and those are my tools." - Angelo Demeulenaere.

Find more of Angelo's wizardry here.


Indonesia - Rural

In the spring of 2014 a group of European surfers went to Indonesia in search of the perfect single fin wave. Willy documented their journey and concluded the experience in "Between the Calm & the Chaos." 

These are some images shot by Willy and photographer Nick Pumphrey during the 35 day trip through beautiful and ever compelling Indonesia.

Have a look at Nick's photography here.

W I L S O N  -  F I L M  D I R E C T O R

After studying cinematography at the Royal Academy of Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Wilson spent almost a decade traveling the globe shooting skateboard and surf films. Having focussed on creating a few documentary shorts, Wilson has grown into a high end commercial and music video director in recent years. 

"Wilson seems to know very well where he wants to go, tirelessly working to get there. Challenging himself to present you with films of different genres. All containing a great deal of audiovisual intimacy." - Jocelin Tham (the creators project)

General inquiries: hello@wiiilson.com


BLAMstudio:  www.blamstudio.com

Awards & Nominations: 

2014 Ride On Filmfestival: "Best Custom Music" Award / Ghost Beach documentary short.

2015 Skate48: "Best Videographer" Award / "Burn the map & search the path" video for NINEONEONE skateshop.

2016 Ride On Filmfestival: "Best Custom Music" Award / Képa Body Of Sound documentary short.

2017 Creative Belgium: Director's night / presented as 1 of 3 up & coming directors.